External registry repairing.

With this program you can, your Windows in some cases repair and restore again.
Some examples:
If your Windows doesn't start any more, because you have installed a driver and Windows not start longer correctly. You delete simple the drivers entry in the Regiestry, if you find the entry. The same is also valid, if it has come to problems when installing a software. Or you have a virus in the PC and your system, start no longer correctly. You can create a rescue CD, DVD or USB-Stick with Bart-Pe-Builder, and insert this Tool. Then you cann make entries in the Registry or delete or change. Then this is all of damagein your Windows? Then you have repair your Windows in the most case.

Warning cannot edit 64bit values, this leads to a defect!!!

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Language: English, German
License: Freeware
Operating system:
for 32 Bit
Win XP
Win 7

Description how you put the tool in the PE_Builder.

You find the Registry files in Windows-XP in 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\config' in the Directory 'config' several files are, the Registry files are software, SAM, system, SQURITY, default and userdiff. The Registry file for most interesting is software, in this file your find all entries out the Registry Root-Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Therefore also the entries for drivers, software or for the start of software.
When you have integration these tool on a PE-Bulider CD. You can search and delete or change entries in the Regiestry file.
Note: you should be carefully with this Tool. This means then Windows not starts and you must make the Setup, is this Tool the last option!

After this you have unpacked the PE Builder. In the directory plugin you create a new directory, then renaming the directory in 'Regrep', copy this Tool in the directory, but now the file with then registration key in this directory. Furthermore you copy the two files with the names Regrep.inf und Regrep_nu2menu.xml in this directoryr.You can here Downlod the two files. This two files needs the PeBulider for the configuration.

Picture from folder from tool in PE-Builder
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