Create cursor and Icons or open the files.

With this tool you can create and open icon files and icon files, with then file extension .ico and .cur. The graphic file format mouse cursor and icon for Microsoft users, can You make or paint with this tool. For more individual one your screen. You can with these small tool, the so-called icons and cursor draw, or a picture, of himself or boyfriend, girlfriend etc. change into an icon. and then putting on the screen desktop.
Or you can make 32 * 32 Pixel .res file.
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Language: English, German
License: Freeware
Operating system:
for 32 Bit
Win XP
Win 7

Description how ties an Icon in Windows.

Copy the Icon in the directory Own files\Own pictures, or another directory of your choice. Push down now with the right mouse button on an icon on the desktop. And in this opening windows on the button 'Other symbol...' and if available and in the next window 'Searching' you go to the directory into this one your icon is. You mark it, then 'open' then even 2 one 'OK' this was it. The icon then is on your screen.
Note: not of every icon on the screen,can you change the picture. you trying out at the best one, where the picture can changes.
Picture from feature on Desktop
Description how ties an Cursor in Windows: See Ani-Cursor Maker

External registry repairing.
With this program you can, your Windows in some cases repair and restore again. If you burning a Beard-PE-Builder CD and you include then this tool, or of another partition or hard disk.
External registry program picture
Download and information here
FTP client
For transferring files for your web page, from your PC. to your ftp-server.
FTP-client program Picture
Download and information here
Ani-Cursor Maker
A small program for drawing a animate-cursor or *.ani files, for you PC. When the standard Windows cursors are not enough for you, just make them yourself. You can make your own cursor with this tool including animated cursors.
Same examples can be found for downloading here without charge.
Animate-Cursor Maker program Picture
Download and information here