A FTP-Client for upload and download of files for your Webpage.

With this Tool you can search Files on the ftp-server, from your web page. Furthermore you have the possibility of opening and working on HTML sides or Scripts  of your home page in an editor; fast and uncomplicated. You needs to mark only the corresponding file and to open the pop-up menu and to click on opening with the right mouse.
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Language: English, German
License: Freeware
Operating system:
for 32 Bit
Win XP
Win 7


At some FTP servers, text files like *.htm, *.html, *.htm etc. can damage in binary assignment mode by then transfer. The same can turned over for binary files like programs and Zip archives etc. if the ASCII assignment mode is adjusted the file is damaged. If several folders with different files shall be transferred now, it is the best you choose the automatic mode. The program changes the assignment mode automatically, depending on which file.
The program otherwise is self-explanatory, after connection with the FTP server, Marking file or folder, and then with the right mouse button calling the pop-up and selecting option how you want.
External registry repairing.
With this program you can, your Windows in some cases repair and restore again. If you burning a Beard-PE-Builder CD and you include then this tool, or of another partition or hard disk.
External registry program picture
Download and information here
Icon and Cursor Maker
A small program for drawing Icons and Cursors for your Pc-Screen. You can create ICONs or CURSORs as you want. You want a small picture of your boyfriends, girlfriend or husband etc. as an icon on the screen? You can change a picture of your darling into an Icon. Or you just simply can draw an icon.
Same examples can be found for downloading here without charge.
Icon and Cursor Maker programm Picture
Download and information here

Ani-Cursor Maker
A small program for drawing a animate-cursor or *.ani files, for you PC. When the standard Windows cursors are not enough for you, just make them yourself. You can make your own cursor with this tool including animated cursors.
Same examples can be found for downloading here without charge.
Animate-Cursor Maker program Picture
Download and information here