Create animate-cursor or open the ani files.

With this tool you can create and open animated files, with then file extension .ani and .cur. You can make for this graphic file format animated mouse cursor for Microsoft users. You can make or paint with this tool animated cursor for more individual animate-cursors one your screen. You want desing your Windows-screen a littel more for individual.

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Language: English, German
License: Freeware
Operating system:
for 32 Bit
Win XP
Win 7

Description how ties an Animierten-Cursor in Windows.

Copy the Animate-Cursor in the directory-Cursors in "C:\WINDOWS\Cursors".
Cursor floder Picture
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Push down now with the left mouse button in succession on start ---> attitudes ---> System-control or start ---> Systemcontrol
Start menu Picture
Then on the icon with the name mause or Representation and designs
System control menu picture
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Dann klicken Sie auf 'Mauszeiger'
Representations and desing menu Picture
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ow select on the oben window, at the top pointer and e.g. in the littel window Adapting the .ani 'Background activities' and Clicking when then on the switch 'Searching'
Important note!
Using by this Cursor Normal choice Cursor with the ending .cur, Cursor with the ending .cur this Cursor can be Animate but it must it not. Cursor with the ending .ani have not a Hotspot'. It is then no longer possible to click with the mouse on something. Only Background activities and fully occupiedt is a .ani file, without 'Hotspot' all other ones are .cur and must have a Hotspot for clicking of Button etc.
Feature from mouse picture
You can select your cursor now. Then clicking on opening, after this on OK and this is all.
Mouse cursor floder picture
External registry repairing.
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